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What are Smart contracts?


What is a smart contract?

Smart contracts = method of turning ordinary contracts and applications into decentralized programs that operate through a Blockchain Ledger.

As Explained in the Ethereum Documentation, Smart contracts:  “contain code functions  to Interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data, and send ether to others. “(via This page

Essentially they are a medium which allows transactions and ledgers to be programmed. This allows for innovative methods for the transaction, distribution, storage, and record keeping methods, but it also allows for the creation of ‘block-chain programs’ otherwise known as dAPPS(Decentralized Application.)

Decentralized applications are a lot like normal applications with one major exception. Rather than being hosted by a single source on the internet, Decentralized apps are hosted by a collective of every Node in the Associated Network.

What kind of dAPPs can be made?

Just about everything we can make in normal programs. DAPP marketplaces and browsers are already filling up with different games, Investment platforms, Utilities, exchange mediums for crypto currencies, tokens and other assets, as well as all kinds of services and marketplaces in which goods can be purchased or sold for various crypto-currency.

How do you write a smart contract?

There are multiple languages, and libraries for existing ones which allow users to write execute their own smart contracts. We’ve provided three of our favorite examples, though there are surely more out there, the following are a great place to start!

Languages for writing Smart Contracts:

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Bluetooth wallet

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It always brings me great joy to see new advancements in the world of blockchain technology. Check out the one of the latest advancement in hardware wallet technology

Bluetooth hardware wallets the size of a thumb drive; absolutely beautiful. It’s essentially a sort of pager-like device that acts as your personal cryptocurrency bank account.

Devices allowing one to store crypto currencies securely on their person is nothing new. However this portable hardware wallet showcases a brand new functionality: the luxury of transacting via the Wireless Bluetooth transfer protocol.

Considering how much of a pain In the arse it originally was to store and transfer cryptocurrency; it is completely and utterly shocking to see Its convenience rivaling that of traditional forex at least in terms of personal transactions.

Crypto holders ought to be eager to see what happens to their wallets once all the new developing projects such as this start hitting the market. I know I am!

Could you see yourself purchasing this product? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below!